EP drives are industry leaders in industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors, and our worm speed reducers and ratio multipliers lead the power transmission industry in performance, cost savings, and reduced downtime. EP gear drives are found in crane, material handling, pulp and paper, and a host of additional industries where quality and dependability are paramount.

EP worm gear reducers are built with the best features available. From the one-piece cast housing to the high-strength steel alloy output shaft, each component is designed and manufactured to exacting standards for superior performance, quality and reliability. Scroll over the red indicators to explore the premium features that make EP gear drives the best power transmission solution available.



Aluminum Gear Reducers

Aluminum Worm Gear Reducers are ideal for manufacturers of commercial and industrial machinery designing compact and lightweight products.

Quadro Aluminum Worm Gear Reducers

Aluminum Worm Gear Reducers

reducers are lightweight, sealed for life, aluminum worm reducers designed for small spaces including Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designs with difficult installations as well as mobile equipment.


Cast Iron 

The 800 Series EP gear reducer is a true heavy duty workhorse that handles the environmental assaults, shock loading, frequent reversing and continuous duty cycles typical in many industrial applications. Designed to be the premium worm reducer in the industry,  reducers offer top quality features.


Worm Gear Motor

Worm Gear DC Motor, Worm Gearbox, Worm Motor Gear Introduction

Worm gear motor is a combination by worm gearbox plus DC motor, the worm gearbox is assembled of two main structures: worm meshes with a worm gear, it uses the screw drive principle in a simple machine, this structure is similar to other gear reducers (worm gearboxes), it can reduce the speed or generate a large torque to fit the different use.

Meanwhile, the output performance can be adjusted by the different type of gearboxes and worm motor gear such as Dual Shaft Gearbox / Micro Gearbox / Planetary Gearbox / Spur Gearbox / Helical Gearbox / Bevel Gearbox.

Hsiang Neng worm gear reducer series is made of high-quality selected worm meshes with a worm gear. It has high performance, low energy consumption, low noise, small vibration, lightweight and easy to reverse. DC worm geared motor outer diameter size, torque specifications, gearbox specifications, and housings can be designed for different specific needs.







Generally speaking, right-angle worm gear reducers begin to see drops in efficiency as they cross into higher ratios. Larger center distance worm gearboxes are generally more efficient than smaller center distances. For example, a standard unit with a 2.6-in. center distance sees efficiency decrease slowly as ratio increases.

Similarly, as center distance grows, efficiency improves, as seen here where the rise in efficiency for seven center distances is at a 10:1 ratio.


Right-angle worm gear reducers tend to lose efficiency as they cross into higher ratios. Larger center distance worm gearboxes are generally more efficient than smaller center distances. For a standard unit with a 2.6-in. center distance, for example, efficiency decreases slowly as ratio increases.

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